Decatur Capri Hardy Sabado Lic
: : Synth, Vocals : :
: : S T A T S : :
The Lover of the group
FULL NAME: Sabado Montoya Domingo
BORN: April 12th, 1977 -- Cuba
RAISED: English-Speaking commune in Cuba

: : M U S I C : :
HEROES: Ricky Ricardo :: Ricardo Montalban
MUSIC INFLUENCES: Esquivel :: Perez Prado :: Jobim :: Connie Francis :: Rosemary Clooney
LISTENING TO: Esquivel :: Perez Prado

: : S T O R Y : :
• Born in an English-only commune because his parents wanted "something more" for his future.
• Speaks very little Spanish, but has an accent because everyone around him spoke with one.
• The headphones he wears pump the "Latin" version of all the songs the band plays, just so he can play along with passion.
• Closet Flamenco Dancer [Every time he sees a closet, he HAS to dance in it for a brief second.]

: : I N F O : :
HATE: "I dohn like de meen-heads. Meen peepole are de wurst."
HEART: "I lovf goink to da mooveeze. We dohn haff doze een whare I ahm frohm."
KENNY? "Meestor Logeenz is de mos' jenerouz mahne I know ohf. Crahzee beeird, though."

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