Decatur Capri Hardy Sabado Lic
Chris Decatur
: : Vocals, Guitar : :
: : S T A T S : :
The Artist of the group
FULL NAME: Christopher Ottley Decatur
BORN: April 17th, 1977 -- Hibbing, Minnesota
RAISED: Encinitas, California

: : M U S I C : :
HEROES: Dave Grohl :: Bill Goldman :: Robbie Rodgriguez
MUSIC INFLUENCES: Self :: Prince :: Pixies :: Soul Coughing :: Sinatra :: Sammy Davis Jr. :: Stevie Wonder
LISTENING TO: Robbers on High Street :: Queens of the Stone Age :: Mos Def :: Danger Doom :: Phantom Planet :: Hot Hot Heat :: Jamie Cullum :: Self :: Sinatra

: : S T O R Y : :
• Moved to Austin from San Diego to start a band with the two other Chris's
• Met a girl there, fell in love.
• After band broke up, moved back to San Diego with girl.
• Started writing jingles to make rent.
• Band got back together "Via Satellite", and he now brings TV to random bars to promote the show and make money back for Mr. Loggins.
• Saw girl in audience wearing Tee saying, "Fuck Kenny Loggins" in audience.
• Chris slapped them on Tees and thought it would be a great way to make money back.
• Gets recognized on street as, "Hey you're the guy with the TV, huh!?"

: : I N F O : :
HATE: "Laziness in people with tons of talent. Kills me to see it."
HEART: "I love nice people, anything funny, Saturday mornings, cartoons, and sitting at the bar in a cafe drinking crappy coffee."
KENNY? "I have nothing to say about him. I thought I was paying homage. Apparently not."

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