Decatur Capri Hardy Sabado Lic
: : Bass : :
: : S T A T S : :
The Fighter of the group
FULL NAME: Samuel Christian Capri
BORN: July 7th, 1977 -- New Orleans
RAISED: New Orleans & Austin, Texas

: : M U S I C : :
HEROES: Buckaroo Bonzai :: Condorman :: Marty McFly :: Chuck Norris
MUSIC INFLUENCES: Earth, Wind & Fire :: Flametrick Subs :: Cool & the Gang :: Ugly Casanova :: Stevie Wonder :: Raphael Saddiq
LISTENING TO: The Arctic Monkeys :: Funeral :: Skalpel :: Franz Ferdinand :: The New Pornographers

: : S T O R Y : :
• Professional street fighter
• Starts up official underground "Fight Club" rings across the country.
• Steephen Youngleburke is his co-franchiser [lives in, and runs, the San Diego ring]
• Loves to fight
• Got into a bloody fist-fight with Lic, and both were hospitalized
• We're both court-ordered to stay a "United State" away from each other for at least a year.
• Currently STILL can't even bear to look at Lic in the face without wanting to beat him.

: : I N F O : :
HATE: "Wussies."
HEART: "The sulphuric taste of blood in the morning after a good fight."
KENNY? "I could kick his ass... Messina's ass too."

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