Decatur Capri Hardy Sabado Lic
: : Drums : :
: : S T A T S : :
The Rebel of the group
FULL NAME: Christopher Benjamin Hardy
BORN: Feb 4th, 1977 -- Prescott, Arizona
RAISED: Flagstaff, Arizona

: : M U S I C : :
HEROES: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles :: Michael Knight :: Batman :: Hulk Hogan
MUSIC INFLUENCES: Metallica :: Dave Grohl :: Sepultera :: Black Sabbath :: Pantera :: Megadeth :: Mr. Bungle
LISTENING TO: Foo Fighters :: At the Drive-In :: Moody Blues :: Pink Floyd :: Boilermaker

: : S T O R Y : :
• Moved to Austin to be in a rock band.
• Thinks that the music Chris! Chris! Chris! plays can be harder.
• Only in the band now to make $$$
• Loves to rock.
• Isn't into doing the stupid sh*t the band likes to do.

: : I N F O : :
HATE: "Cheesy music and douche-bags who play guitar at guitar stores."
HEART: "A good rockin' beat. As long as it ROCKS, I can ROLL with it."
KENNY? "His beard is pretty rockin'. I just think his music is a bit sissy."

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