Decatur Capri Hardy Sabado Lic
Lic Brockley
: : Lead Guitar, Vocals : :
: : S T A T S : :
The Brit Rocker of the group
FULL NAME: Licford Boddington Brockley, Esq.
BORN: Jan 7th, 1977 -- Middlesex, England
RAISED: Worthington, London

: : M U S I C : :
HEROES: Dad :: Joe Strummer :: Chuck Norris
MUSIC INFLUENCES: The Clash :: The Hives :: The Turtles :: The Beatles
LISTENING TO: Morphine :: Red House Painters :: Sam Prekop :: Viva Voce :: Dr. Dog :: N. Lannon :: Belle & Sebastian

: : S T O R Y : :
• Behaves very close to Billy Idol.
• In London he dealt with high-stress and anger-management issues [couldn't control his anger].
• Had heart palpitations at the age of 21.
• Moved to Austin, Texas, because counselor told him he needed to join a "less aggressive" band to keep his blood pressure low.
• Now he's always sedated and quite calm.
• Wears glasses to hide his sedation.
• Rather quiet and reserved nowadays.
• Got into a fight with Capri on stage that resulted in both of them being hospitalized.

: : I N F O : :
HATE: "Prissy twats. Can't stand 'em. Stay at home if you can't rock."
HEART: "A rockin' lass who ain't afraid to do nuttin'. A bottle of Jameson & some fuckin' smokes."
KENNY? "If someone stole my music I'd be pissed too."

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