The three Chris's met in Austin, Texas,
and played together for a few years as Chris! Chris! Chris!
They got signed and toured Texas, Louisiana, and Florida --
where they met Cuban-born Sabado Domingo,
adding the "synth" to their sound.
Returning to Austin, Brit-Rocker Lic Brockley joined the band,
adding backup guitar. The band, however, continued on as
Chris! Chris! Chris! and began writing their next album.
Chris Decatur [lead singer] brought a new song to the band.
Everyone loved it, and they added it to the album.
The album went Gold. Some time later, on tour somewhere in Texas, the band was
served legal papers -- while on stage -- for plagiarism.
The stolen song? Highway to the Danger Zone. The band was shocked -- they thought Chris D. wrote the song.
Chris himself was shocked -- at the band: "Who the F**K
doesn't know Highway to the F'ing Danger Zone?"
Embarrassed, the label, the management, and even the producer
dropped Chris! Chris! Chris! altogether. The band broke up,
but songwriter Kenny Loggins continued to sue for royalties.
The band was forced back together to pay their debt.
On stage, Lic and Chris Capri [bass] got into a blood-splattering brawl.
A court later ordered them to "stay a United State apart" for a year.
Lic and Sabado moved to Vegas, and the two found a way to broadcast
their parts live via satellite to a TV on stage for shows.
Chris D. got a job in San Diego, and moved from Austin.
Chris Capri and Chris Hardy [drums] also began
broadcasting their performances to a TV
on stage with Chris in San Diego.
The band now tours to pay back its debt to Mr. Loggins,
as well as medical bills from Capri and Lic's brawl.
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